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How does the convergence between humans and technology continue to evolve?

Fast forward to 2075, Optica emerges as a pioneer, revolutionizing the realms of healthcare, vision enhancement, and memory preservation with tech advancements in camera contact lens.

This fictional brand prototype encompasses the full process of branding a company from research and
development to designing a logo and strategizing their product line packaging and additional brand collateral.

Understanding Optica

01 The Company

Optica develops camera contact lenses with unparalleled vision capabilities, from microscopic precision to telescopic magnification. These lenses not only enhance your sight but also seamlessly record everything into your memory database for easy access. Whether in real-time or revisiting memories, expect sharp, accurate, and vivid images. 

Designed to transform your perception of the world, our lenses offer a range of options, including microscopic, telescopic, X-ray, thermal, and night vision. Perfect for exploration, research, medicine, security, and recreation, these lenses redefine how you experience life. Optica pursues the highest optics technology with softest comfortable contacts for a powerful way to see - live, experience and preserve life.

02 History

Founded in 2016 as the Vivue Reserach Laboratory, Optica was working on a new tech solution for a lens that would record and play back memory tool for Alzheimer’s patients and introduced their first development in 2030. Following, they continued  developing these lenses for a microscopic and x-ray view (2040), for medical research of understanding the human body.  As the company begun to expanded its range of views,  these lenses began to to gain popularity. After launching their telescopic (2050), thermal (2052), night vision (2053).  Many people around have adopted this new technology into their lives as a hands free way to document life and see differently.

03 Values

04 Moodboard

Branding and Design

04 Logo Design

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