︎ Emily Lew

Hi! I am Emily, a freelance graphic designer based in Denver, Colorado. 

I graduated from Cal Arts with a BFA in Graphic Design and have experience as a freelancer and working for a brand & packaging design studio in Los Angeles.

Utilizing design & project management, I build big ideas into reality though intentional deisgn, strategy, creativity and having fun. I have a shapeshifting approach to design, tailoring to who I am working with & who we are designing for. And if I cannot do it alone, I am always on the look out for teaming up with other talented people!

Some of the work I have done include co-leading the creative development team of a video game start up, branding & packaging for celebrity & luxury beauty brands–such as Florence by Mills & Saint Jane, murals, designing for events & experiences, & web editorial design for the Cal Arts Art School project archive.  I also have experience working as a brand photographer for skin care beauty brands, and on indie films as a Producer.

Lets make big ideas come to life.

I’d love to work with you!

︎︎︎ Reach out and say hi! ︎︎︎


  • branding & identity design
  • logo design
  • packaging design
  • murals
  • brand & product photography
  • photo editing & retouching
  • motion graphics
  • print & editorial design
  • type design

What to hear more? 

I love climbing, backpacking through mountains, admiring the clouds, and adding to my list of “Animals seen in the wild”.  I am also casually into biking, snowboarding, and even learning to surf, until I moved to Colorado…

I am a fan of big cities, trying new foods & cafes, and stumbling across parks & events. I love to eat, and I always have at least 3 different drinks at my work station. I appreciate sun, wind, rain, & snow.

I love exploring new places & connecting to the world around me. In the similar way, I want everyone to experience that joy and connection & eagerness to get outside & enjoy life. This is a large portion of my design practice focuses on the intersection of graphic design and immersive experience design. My mission is to engage in design projects that contribute to opportunites for community engagement and memorable experiences for individuals.



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