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Between Certainties

publication, photography 2022

A multimedia exploration on the space between two certainties, perhaps full of ambiguity and discomfort, through a series of interviews and photographs of individuals and their unique experiences.

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There is a space we find ourselves in more often than not. In between one place and another, trying to get from here to there–the space between two certainties. This space can be full of ambiguity, discomfort, disorientation, or sometimes with no clear exit path. Through this project I was curious about how these spaces vary between people. With the same situation presented, some individuals may feel grounded while others do not. This book explores their thought processes and experiences in these spaces. A space to breathe and embrace, or a space to panic, a space to rush out of.

Chapter 1: My bedroom / the spaces in my head

Chapter 2: Design Process in Isolation / learning to play

Chapter 3: Twenty One / & growing up

Chapter 4: On Set / as dream becomes reality

Chapter 5: My First Place

Chapter 6: In the Water / where I feel most alive

Spaces Between

Located in the physical book are QR codes, linking to specific videos on this website as you go through the story. On the other hand, this website can also work as a stand alone. View video clips and photos at spacesbetween.cargo.site

My Process

I started with a list of questions and had conversations with individuals I have shared studio with for four years. After our conversations, it led me into a multimedia exploration using video, photo, audio, to respond to the places where where people feel disoriented, and out of control, and the places people feel safe and grounded. Since everyone’s spaces were different, I wanted to allow the conversations to lead the concept and look of the photoshoots. Each photo series address a space – whether it be physical, in the head, or a stage of life. There are also supplemental video and audio clips that  highlight specific questions.

If you have time to sit back, grab a cup of tea, and read the full story, you can do so here. ︎


Many thanks to those who were photographed and made this project possible.

Erica Yi, Cienna Newett, Usha Venkat, Anthony D’Eredita, Alex Irit Meir, Maddy Busick

Special thanks to Gail Swanlund & Lorin Brown

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