︎ Emily Lew

Coursera Peer Review Explainer Videos 

motion, illustration, 2021

Peer review Explainer Videos designed and animated for Cousera’s Graphic Design  ourse by California Institute of the Arts.

The goal was to create illustration and motion for 3 short videos on peer review to support the current graphic design course on Coursera.

These videos will help learners understand how peer-reviewed assignments work on the platform. As the only way to evaluate open-ended or create submissions, it is important for students to engage in peer review and correctly.

Simple animation and flat color graphics was requested to keep learners engaged and ensure the content fits in with the look and feel of the other course content.

Video 1 style frames

Video 2 style frames

Video 3 style frames


Design + Animation
Emily Lew

Assistant Animator
Izzy Lerman

Jennifer Hutton

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