︎ Emily Lew

Florence by Mills
Holiday Campaign 

Concepting, Packaging, 2D Design, 3D Design

Florence by mills is a clean skincare and beauty brand made with love by Millie Bobby Brown. The brand stands out as of the most popular skincare brands for Gen Z and millenials. Working on their seasonal campaign, our challenge was to create holiday packaging design and brand assets for their Holiday 2023 Kits.

A collection of concepts worked on by myself and the team.

My design of the cyanotype inspired wreaths were chosen. Millie’s challenge for the design team was to design these holiday kits to appear handmade & personalized for her fans, while remaining clean and professional.  Additionally,  Millie’s goal is to slowly mature the brand following her growth into adulthood. 

Holiday Kits for sale on florencebymillsbeauty.com

This is the final designs of the 5 Holiday kits. They are related to one another using a blue gradient color palette, both signifiying the winter holiday time and an oppportunity to introduce a darker and less childlike color palette to the mix of their primary pastel palette.

3D renders of the Holiday Kits and contents used for PDP pages, social media, and marketing.

Working with a small team of designers, my role included concepting packaging designs for the 5 holiday kits, designing the mechanicals and preparing files to be print ready, and designing brand touchpoint assets using 3D rendering.

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