︎ Emily Lew

︎ Emily Lew

Florence by Mills
Holiday Campaign 

Concepting, Packaging ,2D+3D Design

Florence by mills is a clean skincare and beauty brand made with love by Millie Bobby Brown. It stands out as of the most popular skincare brands for Gen Z and millenials. Working on their seasonal campaign, our challenge was to create packaging design and brand assets for their Holiday 2023 Kits.

With the concept of something handmade just for you, the customer, the medium we chose to use was cyanotypes. 

Visual explorations inspired by cyanotypes.

Chosen Design inspired by cyanotypes also simulating a wreathe made out of plants for the Holiday.  Gradient from light to dark to tie the kits across each other while introducing darker colors also the brand’s goal is to slowly mature. 


PDP Renders for DTC Website

3D Stylized Renders for marketing and promoting seasonal holiday kits 

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