︎ Emily Lew

︎ Emily Lew

Final_Final_Final Cal Arts End of Year Show 2022

Experience Design, Web Design, Branding

Cal Arts Graphic Design End of Year Show open to public May 2023. A team of colleagues and I led the experience design and planning of the show, to showcase BFA and MFA program work. There was an exhibition, website, and branding design.

This is the work // This is the time well spent, and all the time wasted // Especially all the time wasted // This is late nights in the studio, fueled by vice in a dark room lit by a computer screen // This is hands covered in bandaids after dancing too dangerously on the edge of a trimming blade // This is “it’s 0p1 off center” // And “Eh, who’s going to notice” // And “This is the worst thing ever made” // And “I’m going to be immortalized for this” // This is seeing for the first time in many years the faces attached to the zoom avatars //  This is Tatum coffee // This is staring into the middle distance, watching the sun rise alongside your accomplishments //This is hitting export and feeling as the bar creeps to full that you can finally breathe // This is the spark of imagination // This is the first ideation // This is the second iteration // This is the third revision // This is the final version // And the one after that // And the one after that

Open Gallery Photos

Graphic Design Program Show Books designed, printed, and distributed to attendees of the event.

An online archive / A snapshot in time //

The website designed to be an archive of our 2023 year, including our work, our community, and our memories. As part of the web team, I was an active participant in the concepting, designing and coding of the website. In addition, we were responsible for acquiring and uploading all work onto the website.

Constructing additional wall and room structures with wood beams for an exposed, raw finish.

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